2005-06-30 (Rahmorak): So long and thanks for all the Fish. I have left AO at last, about time since I haven't really played for about a year but this site will stay as it is for now.
There will be no more updates so should things change in-game then the info will of course become outdated. It was fun for a while but I really hope they get round to adding in new nanos more often for you guys. Thanks also to Cz, BlueOffset and Phingers (at least 2 of whom have gone to pastures new) who made my stint as NT pro a fun time, to Satenia who is doing a terrific job as Pro, and to the Devs at Funcom for making a game I loved.
Have fun and see you in WoW/Guild Wars/Tabula Rasa. :)

Good Luck in RL, NTs lost an awesome Pro! **
** HELLO NTs **

Mastsa tracked me down, and while I am shocked this is still handy info I have brought it back online (someone had messed with the server). Have fun! **

Nuke Table for Default NT  

Name Level MattCrea Nano Init Cyberdeck AC
END Perk AggDef Duration (sec) Nano Pool
Nano Regen
(extra -%)
  Genius Special: Nano regen
Nano Range
extra range %: (Range capped at 40 Metres)
+nano delta (excl. Notum Source) 
  display base values:  

Deck:   B = Basic , A = Augmented , J = Jobe-chipped , I = Izgimmer-modified
Detail: Basic   Advanced   All  

Basic Nano Regen: 300 nano points per minute (+ 0 from Perk Specials, +10 every 2s from Nano Delta) (Total: 5.00 nano per second)